Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

To whom to entrust the recruitment of specialists in project management assistance?

Vauban Executive Search is an expert in the recruitment of Real Estate and Construction staff and will accompany you throughout the campaign. Our specialty: recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search selects for you the best profiles. If you need valuable employees to manage your teams, in all departments: human resources, audit, operations, techniques, marketing, consulting, finance, call our executive search cabinet.

The recruitment of collaborators for project management assistance is an operation that is best entrusted to professionals. Real estate, construction and construction companies can approach Vauban Executive Search to find effective executives. The recruiting consultants of this agency can become formidable fighter in case of failure of conventional recruitment methods.

Project management assistance: recruitment by a professional

Project management assistance is a service provision that consists of providing assistance to the project owner in the conduct of studies related to the implementation, monitoring and control of a project. Given the importance of collaboration issues, it is essential to choose the person to whom you will entrust this mission. The use of the services of a specialized Executive search is therefore necessary in order to ensure the skills and efficiency of the future incumbent. This type of agency has the know-how and the human resources required to carry out this mission.

If you want to proceed with the recruitment of an expert in project management assistance , it is recommended to contact a recruitment agency specialized in the sector in which you practice. It will put at your disposal recruiting consultants who know perfectly the constraints and specificities related to your area of ​​expertise.

Services offered by Vauban Executive Search

Designing and implementing a recruitment process is a complex and time-consuming task that is best done by professionals. This option is most appropriate to ensure the success of the procedure and to optimize the costs.

Vauban Executive Search is especially a provider of choice to carry out your recruitments. Specialized in the real estate and construction trades, we offer our services to real estate developers, asset management companies, maintenance companies, real estate services and consulting firms, project management assistance for their recruitment campaigns for high-level experts and senior executives.

An effective recruitment method

In order to respond effectively to the expectations of our clients, including project management consultancies, we start our recruitment procedures every time with a study of the environment, values, objectives and culture of the company. business. Based on this observation, we provide our expert opinion on the definition of the position and the profile of the ideal candidate to fill the vacancy. We then proceed to identify potential candidates.

Our years of experience allow us to proceed as effectively by direct approach through our network of candidates, by consulting CVs, as by the use of directories of alumni of higher education. Before presenting the profiles of values ​​in the interview, we take care of the selection of the candidates and the evaluation of their aptitudes, as well as the control of their professional references.

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