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To whom to entrust the recruitment of a director of works?

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment team of executives in the real estate and building sector. Vauban Executive Search is an expert in the recruitment of real estate and building management executives and guarantees quality services. As a specialist in the building sector, Vauban Executive Search identifies highly qualified employees for you. If you are looking for talented people to expand your managerial staff, in a variety of areas: from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing through marketing or communication, human resources, finance, our head hunter’s office puts at your service his perfect knowledge.

Conduct a recruitment supervisor without the help of a professional can quickly become a real obstacle course. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency whose services are mainly addressed to real estate companies, construction and construction and has efficient and experienced recruiters.

Use a professional recruiter: options and benefits

There are two possibilities for hiring a construction manager, whether for a construction, renovation or construction project. You can hire a recruiting firm that will undertake the search for valuable candidates and hiring the person whose profile will perfectly meet the needs of the position to be filled, in accordance with conventional recruitment methods. But you can also talk to a executive search, also a professional recruiter, but who will rely more on the strengths and personal skills of candidates and will promote them using the technique of “direct approach”.

Either solution offers two undeniable advantages. On the one hand, you will not have to deal with tedious and time-consuming operations related to a recruitment process, and on the other hand, you are sure to have the person cut for the job. Finally, you can also focus on more important and productive tasks.

What does a construction manager do?

When recruiting your construction manager , it is essential to keep in mind all the assignments that will be assigned to him to determine the profile of candidates who apply. Indeed, this executive will be both a manager and an executor responsible for the management of a construction site. He is responsible for organizing, managing and supervising all the work and serves as an interface between the clients, the construction site, the company hierarchy and the suppliers. He stands out as the main contact for the project manager.

It is up to him to respond to the calls for tenders, to carry out the feasibility studies, to carry out the costing, to determine the various operating modes, to choose the service providers … In case of problems, it is he who is in charge of defining the most effective solutions. adequate.

Trust the expertise of Vauban Executive Search

Given the strategic role of the Construction Manager, their recruitment should not be done in a hurry. Vauban Executive Search knows the job market at its fingertips, especially the building and construction sector.

Professionalism, loyalty, dialogue, listening and discretion, these are the key words within our company. You can trust the know-how of our consultants. They put in place an effective approach so that the recruitment of your supervisor is successful. We study the environment and the structure of your company. Then we define the position and the target profile, after which we search for valuable candidates.

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