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Recruitment of a director of maintenance and works: to whom to address?

Our mission: the recruitment of executives in the real estate and construction sector. Thanks to its long experience in recruiting real estate and building management executives, Vauban Executive Search accompanies you at every stage of the campaign. Vauban Executive Search recruits experienced employees for you. If you are looking for valuable employees to manage your teams, in various fields: technical, consulting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations, communication, our head hunter’s firm is the specialist to whom you can turn.

The recruitment of the director of maintenance and works for a real estate company is not an operation of the simplest given the complexity of the missions relating to this post. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency to which you can entrust this task which can be as time-consuming as it is tedious.

Executive search and Headhunter: The Benefits

recruitment of your director of maintenance and work entrusted to a recruitment agency is likely to be successful. This firm will put at your disposal recruiting consultants who will take charge of your project personally and who will put in place a recruitment policy adapted to the specificities of the position and the missions attached to it. In case the recruiting firm does not give satisfactory results and time runs out, then you can turn to a headhunter who will opt for a “direct approach” to valuable candidates. Executive search is indeed a choice alternative to conventional Executive search.

Opting for the services of one or the other will save you from carrying out operations related to a recruitment process that can sometimes quickly turn into an obstacle course. But to benefit from the advantages offered by these two professionals, it is essential to choose the one you are going to address.

What are the missions of the director of maintenance and works?

When planning to hire a maintenance and works manager , the first step is to define the tasks that will be assigned to him and the ideal profile of the ideal candidate.

The latter must indeed be a specialist in the field of construction, he must define and lead the implementation of the maintenance policy of facilities and technical structures. This particularly important position requires above all strong technical knowledge, and a solid training in the major schools of the discipline is in great demand.

As an experienced executive, the candidate’s experience is equally essential in order to cope with all possible situations in the conduct of the project. Finally, recruiting a Maintenance and Works Director means looking for a certain rigor in the candidate who will enable him to apply the directives and standards by his teams.

Recruit the best with Vauban Executive Search

To search for high level employees in real estate and construction, we offer our services as a headhunter. Vauban Executive Search is a well-known firm with various companies in the sector, and offers you its experience and perfect knowledge of the recruitment profession . especially if you want to hire a Maintenance and Works Manager .

The extent of our network allows us to access a large bank of resumes regardless of the function sought (operational, financial or HR). Thanks to our policy of transparency and listening, we assure you that the candidates presented meet your criteria and that the references are verified. Our action goes beyond recruitment since we accompany your new employee in taking office.

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