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Recruitment of Director of General Services, who to contact?

Our job is the recruitment of executives in the real estate and construction sector. Thanks to its expertise in the recruitment of real estate management staff and construction, Vauban Executive Search provides you with quality services. Vauban Executive Search identifies for you the best in the profession. Whatever the type of mission and the job, in all departments: technical, financial, audit, operations, consulting, human resources, communication, our headhunter cabinet is the ideal partner.

Proceed to recruit a Director of General Services without the help of a professional recruiting executives, managers and performers. If you need to fill this position in your company, Vauban Executive Search is a recruiting firm specialized in Executive search that will find you the one who will meet the required profile.

Why go to a specialized Executive search?

The recruitment of a Director of General Services is rarely feasible internally since the qualities and skills required for this position are more or less complex. The best way to find the right person for this job is to use the expertise of a Executive search specializing in finding and hiring executives for the real estate industry. This agency will put at your disposal recruiting consultants who will take charge of your project personally from the creation of the offer to the final hiring of the selected candidate. During this time you can focus on more productive tasks.

Another option is to go to a Executive search, especially if time is running out and the use of a conventional search firm does not work. Whether you choose one or the other provider, it is essential to choose the one you are going to address.

The typical profile of a Director of General Services

The recruitment of a Director of General Services should take into account the typical profile of the ideal candidate. This position requires an experienced candidate with excellent knowledge of budget forecasting, monitoring and financial control, benchmarking, etc. A Director of General Services must also have excellent negotiation, coaching and team facilitation skills. People with such a profile are certainly not easy to find when recruiting internally. It is then recommended to recruit externally to avoid disappointment.

The missions of the Director of General Services

A Director of Corporate Services is responsible for managing the company’s real estate infrastructure, including its security and maintenance. It is his responsibility to ensure the technical management of buildings: monitoring of maintenance and possible maintenance work, negotiation of contracts with external service providers, manage supplies … The development of the budget necessary to achieve all these tasks and to follow up on it also come back to him.

Vauban Executive Search, a professional at your service

Our Executive search specializes in the construction and real estate trades. Thanks to our strong experience in this field, our know-how and our important network, we are able to carry out the recruitment of your Director of General Services .

In particular, we offer effective coaching from the definition of the assignments and the profile of your future Director of General Services, until he takes office. That’s why we always start our recruitment process by studying the environment of your organization and your needs.

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