Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Recruitment of sales managers for construction company

Our job is recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. Bred to the subtleties of recruiting executives of real estate management and construction, Vauban Executive Searchensures quality service. As a building expert, Vauban Executive Search finds experienced employees for the companies. Regardless of the type of positions to be filled in various trades: operations and techniques for consulting and auditing without forgetting human resources, finance, marketing and communication, call on our headhunter cabinet.

The recruitment of commercial managers of a construction company is an operation that is better entrusted to experts if one wants to have satisfactory results. Vauban Executive Search provides real estate, construction and construction companies with consultants specializing in finding executives and executives for these particular sectors.

Why hire through a Executive search?

The recruitment of expert construction managers can only be done internally. It is also a delicate task considering the issues of skills and efficiency of those who will be chosen. The use of the services of a recruitment agency is then presented as the simplest and the most advantageous solution for a company that wants to find people whose profile corresponds exactly to the needs of the proposed positions.

This type of agency has the human resources and the know-how to carry out a recruitment campaign in the rules of the art. It will put at your disposal consultants who will take charge of your case personally and will take care of all the tasks related to the recruitment process for you. There are also agencies that offer Executive search services for complex cases where traditional recruitment methods do not work as expected.

A Executive search specializing in real estate and construction

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency that mainly addresses companies and professionals in the real estate and construction, but also construction and public works. Our consultants are experts in Executive search, evaluation and selection of applications, but also hiring support. Their experience and know-how allow them to design and implement a recruitmentprocess for commercial construction managers .

Our recruitment process takes place in several stages. Our approach begins with a study of the values ​​and objectives of the company, which allows us to define the job requirements and determine the profile of the candidate. The applications received are then sorted and evaluated. Only the best profiles will be interviewed by the future employer. We also take care of checking their professional references and accompany the company in the various negotiations with the selected candidate.

Vauban Executive Search a reliable recruitment agency

The team within our Executive search is recognized for its professionalism, discretion, respect for ethics and ethics, ability to engage in dialogue, and loyalty to the client. Our consultants and our headhunters are experienced and able to facilitate the recruitment of your commercial building managers .

Vauban Executive Search peut aussi vous accompagner dans le recrutement de cadres dirigeants et experts confirmés dans les secteurs de l’immobilier et de la construction. Notre expérience nous a notamment menés à collaborer avec toutes sortes d’entreprises et nous a valu la confiance des principaux acteurs dans ce secteur : entreprises générales de bâtiment, entreprises de maintenance, promoteurs immobiliers, sociétés de gestion d’actifs, investisseurs institutionnels ou privés, sociétés de services et conseils en immobilier, cabinets d’assistance à maitrise d’ouvrage, etc.

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