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Recruitment of construction Manager by a professional

Thanks to its mastery of hiring real estate staff and construction, Vauban Executive Search develops a perfectly targeted strategy, from the screening stage to recruitment. Our mission: the recruitment of professionals in the real estate sector and construction. Vauban Executive Search finds highly qualified employees for you. For all types of functions to be staffed in all departments: communication, operations, audit, human resources, finance, marketing, consulting, our headhunter cabinet is the reference specialist.

The recruitment of a Branch Manager for the construction business is a project that it is recommended to entrust professional executive recruitment. To do this, you can contact Vauban Executive Search which is part of the Executive search that have made services to real estate companies, construction and construction their core business.

Why choose your branch manager?

The recruitment of a construction Company Manager is a delicate operation given its stakes and the responsibilities and missions that will accrue to the person to whom you will entrust this position. Indeed, an agency will be the representative of your company in a place other than that of your seat, the director will therefore be the first responsible for the smooth running of your company’s activities in the locality entrusted to him. So it’s also about your notoriety and your image with your customers and your prospects, but also with your business partners and your competitors. It would be particularly imprudent to put anyone in charge of your agency.

The use of the services of professionals such as a recruitment agency is more than recommended to find a person who is suitable for the position. And if conventional recruitment methods prove ineffective, headhunters are also a solution you can turn to.

Vauban Executive Search for the recruitment of Construction Manager

Vauban Executive Search is a firm that has been researching value candidates for executive executive positions in construction, real estate and construction companies its core business. We also favor a direct approach in the event that candidates for the vacant position run out.

The recruitment of a construction agency director is a complex operation involving several steps. In the first place, it is essential to have an up-to-date database of the files of potential candidates. Then, a perfect knowledge of the real estate sector and construction in general is useful.

Vauban Executive Search consultants are able to provide you with a tailored response to your recruitment needs. To do this, we establish upstream key elements of the position to be filled, such as the relevance of position positioning or the definition of responsibilities. The second step is to identify the target profiles via our different research channels (cvthèques, network, etc.). Our mission only ends once the selected candidate has taken up his / her position.

Why choose Vauban Executive Search?

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency dedicated to providing a service in line with the structure and culture of your company. Our knowledge of the real estate sector and the world of business makes us trusted partners to assist you in your recruitment projects.

Our services are aimed at different types of stakeholders: institutional or private investors, asset management companies, real estate developers, general building companies and control organizations, project management or project management consultancy firms .

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