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Headhunter for construction companies

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency for professionals in the real estate and construction sector. Bred to the subtleties of recruiting executives of Property Management and Construction, Vauban Executive Search implements a personalized campaign, from the research phase to hiring. As a building specialist, Vauban Executive Search identifies you as the most qualified person. Whatever the nature of the mission to be performed and the position, in all areas: from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing without forgetting marketing and communication, human resources, finances, contact our consulting firm head hunter.

With the help of a headhunter , finding a construction expert will be less complicated, especially if you choose the right cabinet. At Vauban Executive Search, you will benefit from the services and know-how of recruiting team of consultants who can become formidable fighter-hunters.

Recruit for construction, less and less easy

The field of construction has undergone many changes, particularly in terms of technologies and working methods. However, the people who perfectly master all the new specificities of the sector are not yet quite numerous on the one hand, and the old ones have a little trouble keeping up. Moreover, the most competent are already in post. It then seems that there is a shortage of workers and it has become quite difficult for new companies and companies wishing to renew their staff to find suitable candidates for positions to be filled.

Companies then opt for the services of Executive search to search and hire employees, but the results are not always satisfactory, especially since the job offer is far superior to the number of people who are looking for work. When traditional methods of recruitment are unsuccessful, the use of a construction expert hunter is in fact the simplest solution.

The use of a firm specialized in Executive search is becoming widespread

While for many decades the most common method of recruitment was to send job offers to various media outlets and the press, this procedure now appears to be obsolete and the use of recruitment agencies and front-line widespread.

Such a firm has a team of headhunters or recruiters who have received specific training in the search for rare, well-defined profiles corresponding to a senior management position. Professionals construction are among those who rely on headhunters .

Indeed, the technological and technological revolution has shown that the traditional recruitment system no longer meets the needs of societies. Indeed, the labor market requires day-to-day specialized staff and companies have trouble finding the right person to occupy a technical position.

Vauban Executive Search, the Executive search specialized in finding construction professionals

Our headhunters follow a pre-established protocol: the analysis of the future employee’s work environment, the accompaniment of the client in the definition of the position to be filled and the profile required, the “hunting” itself, the contacting of the candidate with your company, the verification of the professional references, and finally the signature of the contract.

Our firm is committed to finding for you, as soon as possible, the rare pearl. We have a network of potential candidates in which we will try to find the person whose profile meets your expectations. This network will save us time: we will only have to consult our database and then our headhunters will contact directly the applicants who have the most convincing profiles.

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