Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Who to entrust the recruitment of executives for real estate?

Vauban Executive Search is a management recruitment company in the real estate and construction sector. Thanks to its mastery of hiring real estate management staff and construction, Vauban Executive Search guarantees you quality support. Vauban Executive Search selects for you the best profiles. Whatever the nature of the mission to be accomplished and the profession, in all departments: from operations and techniques to consulting and audit through human resources, marketing or communication, finance, our hunting firm de têtes is the essential provider.

The recruitment of senior executive for real estate is an operation that should be ably conducted to be sure to put the right person in the post. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency that has made executive search for the real estate, construction and construction sectors its core business.

Why go to a Executive search?

Without the help of a professional, recruiting a senior executive for a real estate company will not be easy and may not only require a significant investment in time, but also not give satisfactory results . On the one hand, the determination of the ideal candidate’s profile, the publication of the job offer, the reception and the sorting of the application files, the reception of the interview candidates, as well as the procedures relating to the hiring the one who will be selected are tasks that will take a lot of time, but without the guarantee that you will find your shoe.

By letting a recruiting firm to recruit your senior executives, you make sure you have the right person for the position. You can also use headhunters if you are pressed for time and the recruitment office is also empty-handed.

Vauban Executive Search, Executive search and Headhunter

Vauban Executive Search is a firm specialized in recruitment of senior executives experts in real estate , construction and construction. We make it a point of honor to respect the values ​​that made the success of our firm. Among other things, we are known for our professionalism, our respect for discretion and ethics, our ability to undertake and maintain dialogue, our great loyalty and our transparency towards our clients.

Our approach is based on an approach that has proved its effectiveness. It begins with a study of the environment, including the values ​​and goals of your business. This prerequisite allows us to precisely define the profile required for the position to be filled. The candidates will then be selected and evaluated, before going into an interview within your company. The professional references of those selected will then be subject to verification. We also assist you in the negotiations prior to taking office of your new employee.

The means implemented by Vauban Executive Search

Our team consists of experienced consultants and headhunters. We are able to recruit senior executives with solid experience in real estate . We collaborate with all kinds of structures: institutional or private investors, asset management companies, real estate service providers and consultants, real estate developers, general contractors, project management assistance firms or project management, building companies and inspection bodies, as well as maintenance companies.

Do not hesitate to entrust us with the recruitment of your future executives in real estate .

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