Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Which Executive search in the building sector should you contact?

Thanks to its mastery of the recruitment of executives of Property Management and building, Vauban Executive Search ensures quality services. Vauban Executive Search is an executive recruitment company in the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search recruits for you the best profiles. Whatever the type of mission you wish to entrust to it and function, in various professions: consulting, audit, marketing, human resources, technical, communication, finance, our headhunter cabinet is the partner to contact.

A Executive search specializing in the construction sector will help you to lead the recruitment campaign of your building company masterfully. Vauban Executive Search offers teams of recruiting, competent, experienced and particularly effective consultants in the assignments that will be entrusted to them.

Recruitment in the building, a delicate operation

It will not always be easy to find valuable candidates for senior management positions or executives for this sector. Indeed, it appears that the labor market in this area is currently somewhat unbalanced as supply is well above demand. Construction companies wishing to recruit then have to deal with what appears to be a shortage of workers.

One of the main reasons for this shortage of candidates is the inexperience of new entrants on the labor market, and the lack of mastery of new technologies by those who could be described as old. In addition, those who could actually meet the desired profiles positions are already hired elsewhere. Recruitment campaigns must then be entrusted to the care of a Executive search specializing in the construction sector that will implement an effective hiring technique.

Why use a Executive search?

Hiring senior executives specializing in building and building experts without the help of a Executive search would be very reckless, too, and most importantly if you are a newly created and still inexperienced company. You risk hiring an incompetent person who will waste time and money, or worse, your credibility in the eyes of your partners and customers. Using the skills of a professional agency remains the best solution to avoid these inconveniences.

On the other hand, the expertise of a Executive search specializing in building you will discharge tedious tasks of reception, reading and selection of applications. Only the most deserving applicants selected by the agency’s consultants will be interviewed. With their knowledge of the building and construction trades, they can even advise you on the typical profile of people to engage for each function.

Vauban Executive Search, a recruitment agency for building experts

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency for construction professionals. We specialize in recruiting senior executives or executives for the real estate and construction trades. Whatever the job, our consultants are able to find you some excellent helpers. True headhunters, they will implement all the strategies required to find the employees you need successfully, even for the most difficult positions to fill.