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Project management, go for the Executive search

Vauban Executive Search is the reference for the recruitment of executives in the real estate sector and construction. Thanks to its mastery of recruitment of real estate management and building executives, Vauban Executive Search develops a personalized campaign, from the research stage to the hiring. As a building expert, Vauban Executive Search finds highly competent employees for you. Whatever the type of mission and the job, in various fields: communication, technical, marketing, operations, consulting, finance, audit, our Executive search makes you benefit from its know-how.

In project management , Executive search is an excellent way to access the best profiles often already in position. Specialized firms such as Vauban Search Executive are looking for qualified candidates on behalf of construction companies.

Project Management Manager : why Executive search?

A person in charge of project management has particular qualifications, so Executive search is the best way to find the best profiles. Since this is a project manager who manages work, he necessarily justifies convincing experiences in different bodies of state.

Then, the Executive search of a project management manager makes it possible to approach the candidates with the human qualities required for this type of job. He ensures the direction and animation of the team that carries out the work and has strong managerial skills. Good interpersonal skills are also required because he negotiates with suppliers and various service providers working for the project for which he is responsible. The obligation of result to which it is held requires a great professionalism that only experience can prove; and to get your hands on a  project management specialist, only Executive search can approach the rare pearls thanks to its direct method.

Indeed, this approach makes it possible to contact even the candidates still in position elsewhere, in the case where they interest you. It is then a question of negotiating its hiring within your structure: preliminary steps carried out in all discretion, accompaniment of its departure to its new integration. Executive search will quickly provide key project management people with the expertise of Executive search.

Your search with Vauban Executive Search, specialist in Executive search

Negotiating the migration of a professional is an art. Executive search aims to convince the project manager in charge of taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the new company: higher pay, favorable working conditions and, above all, a new and fulfilling momentum in the exercise of the profession. The research firm thus brings together entities that are also beneficiaries of mutual commitment: the client strengthens the capacities of his team thanks to the expertise of the project manager , while he progresses palpably in his career.

Vauban Executive Search is a headhunter specialized in construction and construction. We effectively respond to the recruiting companies that make up our clients. The approach is as follows:

At Vauban Executive Search, we demand intellectual honesty and operate discreetly. Executive search in project management is therefore carried out with confidentiality and loyalty, to ensure mutual satisfaction between the company and the candidate.

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