Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Recruitment of project management specialists

Our mission is recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. Mastering the mysteries of recruiting executives of Property Management and Construction, Vauban Executive Search provides services that meet your expectations. Vauban Executive Search selects for you the most qualified person. For all types of functions to be staffed in all sectors: operations, consulting, human resources, communication, marketing, techniques, finance, our executive search office is the specialist to whom you can turn.

The recruitment of experts in project management is an operation that would be very unwise to make hastily or blindly. The use of specialized recruiters is preferable. Vauban Executive Search is a Executive search specializing in the real estate, construction and reliable construction sectors to which you can turn for this delicate project.

Project management, a complex and delicate job

Project management for the real estate construction and construction sectors is an area that requires excellent knowledge of the technical, technological, administrative and legal aspects of construction, rehabilitation or renovation and upgrading projects.

Given the challenges of skills and efficiency of project owners, their recruitment must be done with the utmost care. Indeed, depending on their position, their missions can range from the definition of project objectives to its follow-up to delivery to the end customer. They must ensure that the work is done in accordance with the allocated budget and schedule. Applying to a recruiting firm is the simplest solution that companies can use. In case of failure or to maximize the chances of finding the right candidate, the head hunter is also an option that does not lack interest.

Recruitment for contractors, opt for professional recruiters

In the area of ​​project management, it is essential that all workers without exception have proven technical skills in all aspects of construction of buildings or buildings and other works for public works. However, with regard to managers, special skills in management, finance or accounting, and even sometimes in communication are also required. Therefore, to find valuable employees, the recruitment of professionals in project management requires not only experience, but also an excellent knowledge of the industry.

Why use the services of a Executive search?

In all sectors of activity, including construction, construction and project management, hiring employees is as tedious as it is time-consuming. Indeed, the reception and study of applications and the selection of the most deserving candidates take a lot of time. Leaving a specialized firm to find the rare gem to take on the vacant position will allow you to focus on more productive tasks. The agency will only submit to the interview candidates matching exactly the profile you have required.

Vauban Executive Search offers its executive recruitment services

Vauban Executive Search assists project management or project management assistants in the recruitment of their senior executives or experts. Recruitment agency and executive search for companies and professionals in real estate and construction, we have teams of consultants experienced in the selection and detection of valuable candidates for all types of positions to be filled .

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