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Recruitment of a real estate project manager: ask an expert

Arcane-trained executive management recruitment and construction, Vauban Executive Search ensures a service that meets your requirements. Our area of ​​expertise is the recruitment of executives in the real estate and construction sector. This specialized headhunter identifies the best in the market. Whatever the typology of positions to be filled in all departments: marketing, technical, operations, human resources, finance, consulting, audit, our headhunter cabinet provides you with solid experience.

The recruitment of your real estate project manager must be entrusted to professionals if you do not want to end up with an incompetent person in this position. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency whose services are mainly addressed to real estate, construction and construction companies and which has a team of experienced recruiting consultants.

What does the real estate project manager do?

The real estate project manager is primarily responsible for the implementation of a construction project, rehabilitation or restoration of buildings. He must ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the administrative and financial arrangements made by the project designers. It must also ensure that the work is carried out according to the techniques recommended by the latter. He may also have to supervise the studies relating to the feasibility of the projects, particularly regarding the technical, financial and administrative aspects of the projects. Being a real estate project manager therefore implies great responsibilities, which is why it is essential to choose the person to whom you will entrust this function with care.

The recruitment of a real estate project manager is particularly delicate given the stakes. That’s why it’s better to use a specialized Executive search or headhunters specializing in the real estate sector.

Which process of recruitment of real estate project manager to choose?

In construction and real estate companies, the recruitment of real estate project managers is usually done internally. Managers choose the employee they deem best able to fill the position effectively. This solution is convenient and inexpensive and can motivate staff and offer a career opportunity to a deserving employee. However, it is not always effective especially when none of the internal candidates have the desired profile.

Making a real estate project manager recruitment is essential then. Using the services of specialized employment agencies also offers undeniable advantages, particularly in terms of time and quality of candidates. It also avoids having to conduct training as it will often be the case for in-house recruitments. These agencies will indeed retain that the applications that best match the profile you are looking for and, if necessary, will turn into a headhunter to find you the perfect collaborator for the job.

Choose the services of the agency Vauban Executive Search

For the recruitment of your real estate project manager , you can trust the expertise and skills of our company. With many years of experience, we have unique expertise in recruitingexperts, executives, executives or leaders to manage your projects in the real estate and construction sector.

Our experience has given us a wealth of knowledge about business cultures, trades and people. Whether you are a real estate developer, a private or institutional investor, a building company or a real estate consulting and services company, you can trust our skills. We guarantee results that meet your requirements.

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