Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Fund management: high level executives thanks to Executive search

Our field of intervention is the recruitment of professionals from the real estate and building sector. Expert in the recruitment of Real Estate Management and Construction staff, Vauban Executive Search provides a service that meets your expectations. As a specialist in the building sector, Vauban Executive Search finds the right person for the companies you need. Whatever the type of mission you want to delegate and the position, in various trades: human resources, operations, auditing, communication, consulting, marketing, technical, our headhunter cabinet is the ideal partner.

Executive search has many advantages over other recruitment methods, especially in specialized areas such as fund management . Vauban Executive Search supports companies in the search for the profile that interests them.

Fund Management: How to find the right profile?

Fund management involves significant technical and managerial responsibilities. This is a senior management position, actively participating in the development of the company. It is therefore essential to find the best candidates as long as the stakes are high. Executive search provides quick access to qualified fund management professionals to fill strategic positions. This approach is one of the means of recruitment available to employers, and has significant advantages over conventional methods.

Indeed, the recruitment process can be long and laborious: announcement, reception and processing of applications that are sometimes inappropriate, maintenance and finally hiring for the trial period. All of these steps represent a tremendous amount of work for the HR manager, at the risk of devouring the time that is supposed to be spent on other important tasks. By using a specialized firm, the company has a short list of short-listed candidates. Nevertheless, Executive search is preferable, as it is the only way to directly approach highly qualified people in fund management, who are often posted elsewhere. These experts do not necessarily answer the recruitment advice of the firms, they need strong arguments to give up their current situation even if the conditions of a new job are a tempting prospect. The head hunter then deploys all his talent to persuade them.

Vauban Executive Search, specialist in Executive search

Thus, the headhunter can get your hands on the sought after fund management specialist in a short time. Recruiting agents use several resources to find it: personal lists, external CV libraries, social networks, alumni associations, etc. Then they contact the candidate directly to talk to him about the opportunity of the new position. All points are discussed before the meeting with the employer. Once the agreement is reached, the headhunter often accompanies the candidates in their placement.

At Vauban Executive Search, our motto is to recruit great men. To do this, we perform a preliminary study with the company to determine its needs. The headhunter must indeed target a particular profile in fund management. We then begin the search for candidates: identification, evaluation and selection through interviews that may include test phases. Loyalty and intellectual honesty are among the core values ​​of Vauban Executive Search . With the agreement of the candidate, we proceed to a control of his professional references before arriving at the negotiations. Finally, we continue to accompany the candidate in taking up his position until he is well integrated.

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