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Which professional for your recruitment in project management?

Our specialty: the recruitment of executives in the real estate and building sector. By mastering the requirements of recruiting executives of Property Management and Construction,Vauban Executive Search accompanies you at every step of the process. This specialized hunter finds the most qualified person. If you have positions to fill in various trades: marketing, consulting, techniques, audit, communication, human resources, operations, contact our executive search cabinet.

The recruitment project management includes the usual search steps; it is better to entrust it to a specialized firm in order to find the right profile as soon as possible. Vauban Executive Search, oriented in construction and construction, brings together experts able to carry out a recruitment of quality for your projects.

Recruitment steps in project management

The recruitment project management TEC Like any other qualified profile search, there are several mandatory phases. Call for tenders, preselection of the best candidates, conduct of job interviews: all stages that take time. As a result, the process costs the company a lot as human resources have to spend a lot of time in a single search. Indeed, recruitment especially in its early stages, is a time-consuming operation. Each candidate must be given equal attention, while in the end only a few are likely to actually respond to the profile. This is the reason why companies prefer to entrust this mission to specialized firms. Recruitment in project management then returns to an external service provider, so that the HR branch can better focus on existing employees and employees. Since this type of recruitment is often done urgently, it is better to go through a firm experienced in this type of work. He will quickly find the desired specialist in project management.

Recruitment by a firm

It has multiple sources for a quick and targeted search: address book, alumni directory, social networks pro (viadeo, linkedin)

Selection and interview by HR professionals

Les cabinets de recrutement disposent de différents canaux d’approche pour le recrutement en project management. Bien entendu, ils peuvent recourir aux traditionnels sites d’annonces pour recevoir des candidatures, mais possèdent aussi un carnet d’adresses bien fourni leur permettant de cibler les meilleurs potentiels. En outre, ils utilisent les annuaires des anciens élèves régulièrement mis à jour, et peuvent donc contacter les spécialistes en construction diplômés dans des établissements qualifiés. Sinon, les réseaux sociaux des professionnels comme Viadeo ou Linkedin offrent des profils intéressants.

Being specialists in human resources, these firms operate effectively in a short time. They take care of all the stages until the last decisive interviews, where the company will only have to choose between several valuable candidates already preselected. Since project management recruitment is done in most cases externally, firms are the best solution for finding the ideal manager.

Project management recruitment with Vauban Executive Search

Vauban Executive Search is a firm specialized in construction and real estate. This particular focus of our activities allows us to efficiently recruit project management . In our research, we consistently demonstrate professionalism by staying objective, and maintaining the level required by the recruiter. Moreover, we remain very responsive to requests from our customers.

Loyalty is part of our core values, which is why we demand intellectual honesty from all our interlocutors. In the same way, our advice is at the same time clear and without pretense, always in order to facilitate you the task when hiring a head of project management. You are therefore sure to hire the best profiles.

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