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Recruitment for institutional investors by professionals

Thanks to its mastery of hiring real estate management staff and construction, Vauban Executive Search provides you with a quality intervention. Our job is recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. This specialized head hunter finds highly competent employees. Whatever the nature of the mission you plan to entrust to it and the function, in all areas: from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing without forgetting the finances, the human resources, the marketing or the communication, our head hunter’s office is the reference specialist.

It is recommended to leave the recruitment of professionals for Institutional Investors in the hands of specialists. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency whose services are mainly addressed to the actors of the real estate, construction and construction that you can address to do this.

Why entrust the recruitment of executives to a specialized agency?

The recruitment of employees for Institutional Investors is far from being an easy operation considering the issues of efficiency and skills of those who will be chosen. In addition, the recruitment of executives and managers for certain sectors such as real estate, construction and construction is increasingly difficult, candidates for this job being relatively rare to be in the labor market, the majority are already working elsewhere.

In addition, it would be difficult to conduct this type of recruitment internally given the complexity of the profiles to look for. Applying to specialized recruiters is the simplest solution to ensure the success of this project. A recruiting firm or a headhunter has the know-how and the human resources necessary to carry out the research and the hiring of reliable and competent collaborators.

What does an Institutional Investor do?

The missions that fall to professionals such as Institutional Investors require that their recruitment be carried out by specialists. Indeed, given the complexity and the perpetual change in the conditions and constraints of their business, particularly low yields, increased regulations and market volatility makes the investment of funds a little random. This requires great skills and being a financial expert with extensive experience and a good reading of the different parameters to consider.

This occupation is practiced in investment companies, pension funds, collective investment schemes, banks or insurance companies. Their investments are mainly in stocks and bonds, raw materials or real estate. This is what guarantees their solvency. For the recruitment of Institutional Investors, Vauban Executive Search brings interesting turnkey solutions.

Vauban Executive Search, a recruitment consulting firm

Our firm can take care of the recruitment for Institutional Investors and preselect candidates answering precisely to your criteria and needs. We have specialized in this field for many years and have developed a network that gives us the opportunity to find experienced and competent people in France or abroad. We take care of all the steps, while communicating regularly to best meet your needs.

We also support our clients and candidates until an agreement is reached and monitor the situation throughout the trial period to ensure the success of the service. Our knowledge of the real estate and financial sectors makes us trusted partners. We carry out recruitment for institutional or private investors, asset management companies or real estate developers.

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