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Recruitment of real estate managers by professionals

Vauban Executive Search is a leader in executive recruitment for real estate management and construction, developing a tailor-made campaign from research to recruitment. Vauban Executive Search is the reference for recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. This specialized head hunter selects the collaborator you are looking for. Whatever the nature of the mission you plan to delegate to him and the position, in various fields: from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing without forgetting human resources, finance, marketing or communication, contact our head hunter’s office.

The recruitment of a property management team is a task that is far from simple given the specificities of the profiles of each position. Specialized in finding executives and executives for real estate, construction and real estate functions, Vauban Executive Search is a reliable recruitment agency to which you can entrust this project.

Why use professional recruiters for executive search?

Unless business leaders all agree on the abilities of a few people who are already working for them to take on a different job than they currently do, it is best to leave it to the professionals to recruiting executives of the company, whether it is to find executives or senior executives.

In the case of the recruitment of a whole property management , the stakes are even greater since it will be necessary to find several people whose fields of competence are different from each other, but will however have to form a team responsible for achieving several common objectives. The task promises to be as tedious as it is complex and time-consuming.

The use of a recruitment agency is necessary if you want to have an effective team for the management of the real estate assets of your company. It will put at your disposal specialized recruiters who have the necessary know-how to ensure the success of this project.

Property management at the heart of business concerns

Unlike a few decades ago, real estate issues are becoming more and more important for businesses. This is the reason why many large organizations decide to set up a service entirely dedicated to the management and optimization of their real estate holdings, in particular the property parks and the buildings and constructions that belong to them.

The recruitment of members of a real estate management is however not an easy operation given that within this department will be established a coherent, consistent with the company’s development policy in the administration of ‘immovable.

Vauban Executive Search, the Executive search that helps you build your property management

Whether you want to create a real estate management in the structure of your company or you want to expand our firm recruitment can help you find the most qualified people to compose your team.

Your employees working in real estate administration must have a specific competence. Our firm specializes in the recruitment of executives and experts in real estate, will rely on an experienced team of headhunters to find for you valuable people to build your real estate management.

We also rely on our network of partners composed of real estate professionals, all from major schools. Moreover, it is our main “tool” to facilitate direct contact with potential candidates. Our services include evaluating candidates through simulation tests and interviews. At the end of these selection tests, we will present the candidates who best match the profile you require for recruitment.

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