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Vauban Executive Search, a leading hunting firm for the recruitment of a Chief Financial Officer

Mastering the subtleties of the recruitment of executives of real estate management and construction, Vauban Executive Search guarantees an intervention up to your expectations. Our mission: the recruitment of professionals in the real estate sector and construction. Vauban Executive Search hires highly qualified employees for you. Whatever the nature of the mission and the job, in various fields: from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing through marketing or communication, finance, human resources, our hunting firm heads makes you benefit from his long experience.

Executives and senior executives are particularly difficult human resources and difficult to recruit. Vauban Executive Search is a consultant specializing in Executive search and offers you theFinancial Director you need.

The Chief Financial Officer, a key function of any company

Important person if any, the head of finances of a company is one of the guarantors of its good functioning and thus of its success. Leading experts agree that regardless of the size or activity of a company, the position of Chief Financial Officer is one of the most strategic because of his mission. Indeed, the latter is to ensure the sustainability and good use of financial resources. In this context, his profile goes far beyond simple technical skills and experience.

In addition to his accounting, analysis and financial management skills, he must also have a thorough knowledge of the company and its business. This is to give each department and service the necessary and sufficient financial means. As the preferred partner of many external partners (owners, funders, suppliers, customers, etc.), he must be a fine negotiator to manage and maintain the relationships that flow from them. Finally, we must not forget that it is also a manager who supervises many people (especially in large companies), his managerial skills must be strongly developed.

Why use a specialized recruitment agency

Given the corresponding responsibilities, it appears that the position of Chief Financial Officer is not to be entrusted to the first comer. Extensive experience is generally very useful, so young graduates are not suitable candidates either. In practice, there is also a good chance that the right person is already employed in a company. Thus, the use of a specialist in Executive search is essential as the ideal solution.

On the one hand, by delegating the research, sorting and evaluation phases to a provider, you will be able to concentrate on the main one: select the candidate that you need. Moreover, an expert firm already has a base of potential profiles to avoid having to launch a recruitment offer. On the other hand, this approach facilitates the inherent negotiations in case of poaching, often necessary for the recruitment of a manager or a senior manager.

So, to find the right element, you have to know how to choose the leading hunting firm to entrust the recruitment of a Financial Director. Expertise and professionalism are essential criteria for hiring the person with whom you will collaborate.

At Vauban Executive Search , we implement a proven approach based primarily on the environment (internal and external), a complete understanding of the position to be filled and your needs and support until the total integration of your new recruit . Our experience and our values ​​make us the trusted partner of many companies to recruit executives and managers

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