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Successful recruitment of an investor executive

Thanks to its mastery of hiring real estate and construction staff, Vauban Executive Search implements a perfectly targeted strategy, from research to hiring. Vauban Executive Search is the reference for the recruitment of professionals in the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search finds you confirmed employees. If you need talented people to lead your teams, in all areas: from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing through human resources, marketing and communication, finance, our hunting firm of the head is the provider to whom you address.

The recruitment of an investor executive provides a particularly interesting development opportunity for an SME. It’s a way to get both high-level skills and funding.

Recruitment of senior executives investors: the benefits

Much more than just a collaborator, an investor executive is characterized by his willingness to participate in the financial capital of the company. He joins the management team, puts his skills to the company’s services in order to develop it, and also provides personal financing.

Successful recruitment of an investor executive makes it possible to affirm the attractiveness and the potentiality of an SME, and thus to value its corporate profile. Indeed, it is not easy to gain the trust of an experienced executive to the point of convincing him to invest in the company. It is also a significant success factor in case the company plans to raise financing. For institutional investors and investment funds, the presence of this executive within the team is a guarantee of confidence without peer. It dramatically increases the chances of a successful fundraiser. Thus, beyond the financial benefit, integrating such a collaborator strengthens the confidence of an SME. The latter will benefit from the credibility, talent and overall professional network of the investor executive.

Apart from the financial aspect, the company will be able to reap multiple benefits. By way of example, it benefits from the know-how of the investor executive to develop new markets, both at national and international level. Rich of his previous experiences, this one will be able to guide it in the strategy to implement and to indicate him the errors to avoid. In the same way, in terms of recruitment, it can call upon its former collaborators and thus allow the company to benefit from high level talents.

Investor Executive Recruitment with Vauban Executive Search

As a consulting firm specializing in corporate leadership strategy for the investment, real estate and construction sectors, Vauban Executive Search can help you recruit an investor executive . We offer you a simultaneous response to a dual need: to mobilize both talent and funding. Real lever of development for the company, this solution allows you to join the skills of an experienced leader, convinced of the potential of your SME, and ready to dedicate his experience to its development.

Our intervention aims to put you in touch with quality investors. To do this, we take care to study the environment of your company to understand its structure, objectives and culture. The analysis of your needs, in terms of profile and investment, allows us to frame our research base. We then proceed to identify and approach potential candidates. In any case, you benefit from our support throughout the selection process until the finalization of an agreement between the parties.

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