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General contractor recruitment: ask a professional

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency for professionals in the real estate and construction sector. Skilled at the hiring of Real Estate and Construction staff, Vauban Executive Search is developing a personalized campaign from research to hiring. As a building specialist, Vauban Executive Search selects for you the candidate you need. If you are looking for high-level employees to expand your management team, in all sectors: finance, consulting, operations, technical, human resources, auditing, marketing, our Executive search is the specialist to whom you should be referred. .

The recruitment of a general contractor must be performed by professionally if you want to be sure to have the person cut out for the job you are trying to fill. By entrusting this task to Vauban Executive Search, a Executive search for real estate, construction and construction, you are assured of the skills and know-how of your new general contractor.

Why hire a specialized Executive search?

As with all positions of responsibility within a company, the hiring of a general contractor is a delicate operation that is recommended to leave to the care of a professional. In addition, outsourcing this operation to an external service provider will save you from having to deal with the creation and publication of the job offer, the reception and triage of the application files sent by the interested parties. as well as receiving selected candidates for an interview. These operations relating to a recruitment campaign are indeed as time consuming as they are tedious. Entrusting them to specialized third parties will also give you time to take care of more productive work.

A recruitment agency specializing in the field of real estate is the simplest and most economical solution to implement to find the general contractor who will meet your expectations. The other solution is to use headhunters, which is an excellent alternative if the recruiting firm has not managed to get hold of a valuable candidate.

To be a general contractor, a demanding position

The general contracting architect must have strong skills and experience in the technical, administrative, legal and financial fields.

Its main mission is to offer a buyer a so-called “turnkey” offer. This means that the proposal includes all the steps necessary for the construction of a house or a building, namely the architectural and technical studies of the project, the determination of its cost, the realization of the construction, the completion of all administrative procedures, subscription to various warranties and insurance. All these responsibilities require that the recruitment of the general contractor be carried out with circumspection.

Recruit your future general contracting architect, contact Vauban Executive Search

We are a Executive search specializing in the recruitment of real estate and construction professionals. Dynamic, persuasive and efficient, our team is committed to finding you the person who best fits the profile you have established beforehand to fill a position within your company.

You will save your time by entrusting us, among other things, with the recruitment of your future general contracting architect , your construction manager, a real estate negotiator, etc. Indeed, we have a database regularly updated. This database, which contains the addresses and diplomas of real estate professionals from high schools, is our main working tool. It provides us with all the information we need before contacting the potential candidate.

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