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Recruitment of real estate expert by a professional

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment specialist for property management and building managers . Our mission is to recruit executives from the real estate and construction sector. This specialized head hunter identifies the most qualified candidate. If you need high-level employees to expand your management team, in various sectors: consulting, communication, operations, technical, finance, audit, human resources, our Executive search gives you the benefit of its expertise.

The recruitment of specialized framework in real estate business is a task that requires the skills and expertise of professionals. At Vauban Executive Search, you will benefit from the expertise of experienced recruiters who can also take on the role of formidable headhunters when needed.

When and why use professional recruiters?

It is not always easy to recruit a corporate real estate manager . In the majority of cases, performing this operation internally is an obstacle course without finding the right people. Outsourcing research to a professional is usually more efficient, more convenient, and costs less time and money to the business. The recruiting firm is generally the solution towards which the majority of companies and large groups turn.

However, it can happen that these agencies struggle to find valuable candidates, hence the recruitment process takes a long time, or they are simply empty-handed. In these cases, companies can then use headhunters. These are professional recruiters whose methods are a bit out of the ordinary but can be particularly effective in finding good candidates, sometimes where you do not expect them.

Find a real estate business specialist to better manage your fleet

The corporate real estate portfolio comprises a wide variety of properties: administrative or commercial premises, storage warehouses, car parks, etc. The management of such a fleet therefore requires very high skills in this area, particularly with regard to legal and tax issues. In addition, a long experience in this specific market is the key to success in optimizing the purchase, sale or rental operations.

For a company involved in construction to take advantage of the opportunities in this field, hiring a professional real estate professional is an essential strategic choice. However, such an operation is not easy insofar as the experts and senior executives of the sector are in great demand. Their profile as well as their exclusive specialization make them rare pearls among human resources. Faced with this difficulty, calling on a specialized firm remains the ideal solution

How to choose your real estate firm

The services of a Executive search are essential for a resource-conscious company. In the case of a specialist in real estate business, a perfect knowledge of the business and needs of society, having a large network in the field of construction real estate will of course be a significant asset. In order to find the rare bird, the evaluation and the selection of the files will have to be the subject of an irreproachable rigor, as well as the control of the professional references.

Specialist in finding leaders and experienced executives of all types in the field of real estate and construction, Vauban Executive Search is a Executive search renowned for its professionalism and values. A rigorous process carried out in the respect of ethics and loyalty is our main advantage for the recruitment of an expert in real estate business .

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