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Recruitment of a private equity: who to contact?

Specialized in executive recruitment of property management and construction, Vauban Executive Search accompanies you at every stage of the process. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment team of professionals in the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search recruits for the best companies in this field. If you have positions to staff in various sectors: human resources, technical, auditing, consulting, operations, finance, communication, our headhunter cabinet is the ideal specialist.

The hiring of a private equity specialist should be left to the care of a professional if you want to ensure the skills of the future occupant of this position. Specializing in the recruitment of executives for real estate, construction and construction companies, Vauban Executive Search is a reliable recruitment agency.

Why go to a Executive search?

The hiring of a private equity professional is a fairly delicate operation given the complexity of the various missions that will be returned to the person who will be hired. Indeed, given the responsibilities that will be entrusted to it, it is essential not to perform hiring quickly. The consequences of hiring a person who does not have the required skills could be serious not only for the company but also for the clients. In addition, it will be necessary to set up a new recruitment campaign that will cost the company time and money.

Given the stakes, it is more than advisable to use a Executive search to find a private equity specialist whose skills and experience are perfectly adapted to the position you propose. In addition, it is also important to choose the recruiting agency to which you will be addressing to optimize your chances of getting to the right person.

Vauban Executive Search, a Executive search and headhunter

Vauban Executive Search fait partie des cabinets chasseurs de tête les plus compétents dans le domaine de l’immobilier, du construction et de la construction. Vous pouvez nous confier le recrutement de votre private equity et de vos autres cadres exécutifs. Notre équipe est constituée de consultants et de chasseurs de têtes expérimentés. D’une grande loyauté envers les clients, ils travaillent avec la plus grande discrétion et conformément à l’éthique.

Many companies use our services to help them recruit their senior executives, who must be experienced people. These include asset management companies, general building companies, real estate developers, real estate service and consulting companies, institutional and private investors, project management and management consulting firms. project.

Private equity recruitment: an effective approach

For the recruitment of your private equity , we implement a procedure with proven efficiency. This recruitment service is aimed primarily at private equity firms seeking to recruit senior executives or experts in real estate and construction.

The approach we employ begins with a preliminary study of the objectives and values ​​of your company. The best candidate will be recruited following a selection and a series of evaluations carried out by our team, and interviews within your company. We take care in particular of the verification of the professional references of the candidates who will have retained your attention. Our team also assists you throughout the dialogue and negotiations prior to taking office. We will ensure that both parties win.

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