Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Recruitment of property investment manager, who to call?

Our specialty: the recruitment of executives in the real estate and building sector. Bred to the subtleties of recruiting executives of real estate management and construction, Vauban Executive Search develops a personalized campaign, from the screening phase to recruitment. As an expert in the building sector, Vauban Executive Search selects experienced employees for you. Whatever the typology of positions to be staffed in various trades: audit, operations, communication, human resources, consulting, technical, marketing, our executive search cabinet is the specialist to contact.

Proceed to the recruitment of a manager of real estate investments is far from an easy operation given the financial issues related to the effectiveness of the one who will be chosen. At Vauban Executive Search, you will have at your disposal specialized recruiters who will personally take care of your project.

Professional recruiters: strong allies for executive recruitment

It is not always easy to achieve recruitment of charge of real estate investments internally, given the complexity of the tasks entrusted to the incumbent. The best way to ensure the success of this project is to entrust it to a Executive search that specializes in finding and hiring executives or executives for the real estate sector. You can also talk to a hunter. These professionals will be able to design and implement a recruitment strategy adapted to the needs of the position to be filled.

The recruiting firm has human resources, seasoned know-how, methods that have proven themselves as well as traditional ones. The executive search for his part uses tactics that come out more or less off the beaten track but that give good results. It presents itself as the last resort when conventional methods have not given satisfactory results.

Recruitment of head of real estate investments, a complex operation because of the missions to entrust to this framework

The recruitment of a real estate investment manager begins with the definition of the list of assignments that will be entrusted to him. These include:

Therefore, the candidate must not only be a fine negotiator and master the financing techniques in the real estate sector, but he must also have a good relationship and have the flair to find bargains.

Given the evolution of the job market in real estate, the use of a specialized firm is an excellent alternative for the recruitment of a responsible for real estate investments.

The benefits of using Vauban Executive Search

Vauban Executive Search is an expert firm in the search for valuable candidates for executive and executive positions in the real estate sector, and offers the expertise of its recruiters and headhunters to recruit a manager. of real estate investments . By entrusting us your project, you will benefit from the experience of our consultants who will put all the legal methods possible to find you a collaborator answering to the sought profile.

In addition, you get rid of the many tedious tasks related to the recruitment process, such as the distribution of ads, the study of files or the sorting of candidates. This saves valuable time and can be refocused on strategic value-adding activities.

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