Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Recruitment of technical director in real estate development by a specialist

Vauban Executive Search is the reference in terms of recruitment in the real estate sector and construction. Mastering the secrets of hiring real estate and construction staff, Vauban Executive Search implements a perfectly targeted campaign, from the research stage to the hiring process. This specialized hunter finds the most qualified person. Whatever the nature of the mission you wish to entrust to it and the position, in various fields: from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing through human resources, finance, marketing and communication, our head hunter’s office makes you benefit from his perfect knowledge.

Your project of recruitment of technical director in real estate promotion can only be successful if you entrust it to professionals of the recruitment of executives of high level for the companies of the real estate. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency whose services are mainly addressed to the real estate sector, construction and construction.

Executive search or headhunter?

Appealing to a professional is the most economical and simplest solution for companies that want to recruit qualified personnel, as in the case of the recruitment of technical director in real estate development. You have two options: the recruiting firm and the headhunter who are both recruitment experts but use different methods.

The recruiting firm has the necessary human resources and know-how to carry out the recruitment campaigns and can take care of all or part of the projects within this framework. Recruiters of this type of agency carry out their missions with conventional methods. The headhunter for his part is also a recruiter but with unconventional methods since he uses what is called the “direct approach” method. Some recruiting firms also offer Executive search services among their services.

Why use a specialized firm to recruit a technical promotion director?

Contacting a recruitment firm to find a technical director in real estate development will allow you to benefit from the know-how of professionals who will implement an effective recruitment strategy and take charge of the entire recruitment process. It is also the best way to find valuable candidates without stress during the search and selection of job contenders.

For the position of technical director of real estate development, the ideal candidate must have the necessary skills and know-how to supervise the works department and to coordinate the various missions of the project management. Among other things, he must be able to work in a team, solve problems and persevere.

Entrust your recruitment project to Vauban Executive Search

A specialist in the real estate and construction sectors, Vauban Executive Search is able to assist you in expanding the human resources of your company. If you want to proceed with therecruitment of a technical director in real estate development, our firm is a partner of choice. Thanks to the know-how, the experiences and the professionalism of our consultants, we can give you satisfaction.

To do this, we conduct a study of the environment of your company, your objectives and your culture. We then proceed to the definition of the position you wish to assign, the identification of potential candidates, then the selection and evaluation of the various candidates to determine those that will be presented to you.

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