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Why seek a head hunter firm?

In their recruiting campaign, companies often have trouble finding the ideal candidate for larger or specific positions. Indeed, in sectors such as construction and construction, finding competent executives and executives is never obvious in the face of a significant shortage of professionals. And the higher number of job offers in relation to demand only accentuates the problem. It is therefore more advantageous for recruiters to use a headhunter to satisfy their quest for qualified and efficient employees.

Headhunter, an unusual job

Working for a recruiting firm, the headhunter is an expert in finding rare, accurate and high-level profiles in a particular area ( building , real estate, industry, construction …). He carries out various missions on behalf of companies. Within the agency, he is responsible for the assessment of the client’s needs, the publication of advertisements on specialized sites, the management of profiles, contact and interview of candidates as well as the organization of meetings between the recruiter and the employer. He can also practice his activities as a consultant for companies in France and abroad. To do this, the headhunter must be convincing and mastering various languages ​​(English mandatory) in order to find rare pearls around the world. He will also have certain qualities such as:

It should be noted that a bachelor’s degree in commerce, management or human resources is imperative to be able to exercise this profession.

In short, the recruiter can put all the odds on his side by relying on the expertise of a headhunter cabinet .

Vauban Executive Search, your recruitment partner

In France, real estate and construction are among the key sectors, but they suffer from a lack of specialists and leaders capable of carrying out the missions entrusted to them. Addressing all companies operating in these areas, Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency for experts, executives and executives. We have a team with high added value. Professional head hunters in the building who use proven methods and meet the requirements of the clientele. Our approach is based on the study of the environment, the definition of the position and profile of the candidate, the identification of potential candidates, the presentation and the maintenance, the control of professional references, the negotiation and the taking of function

Thanks to our formula, you will be in a better position to find the missing element to the success and durability of your company.

Entrust us your projects and we will know how to bring you a solution adapted to your expectations and your budget.

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