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Opting for a firm when recruiting for a building design office

The recruitment of an office building studies may be difficult because of the need for greater specialization and consequent experience required for these positions. It is therefore easier to contact a specialized Executive search such as Vauban Executive Search .

Difficulties to recruit for a building design office

The sought employees by a consulting firm must establish a specialized training. For example, for the recruitment of an architect, the candidate must be able to design and lead a project, from the development of the technical file to the management of the teams, through the relationship with the various partners of the project, such as suppliers. This often requires experience, as the ability to cope with various situations during the project develops mostly in the workplace.

It is therefore quite difficult to recruit specialists to be integrated into a design office , since the qualified profiles justifying the required experiences do not run on the streets. Most valuable candidates are already employed elsewhere, and do not respond to offers posted on job search sites. In addition, the selection is long due to the number of applications, few of which are really relevant.

The benefits of external recruitment

A specialized firm ensures, in a relatively short time, the recruitment of a candidate for your design office. He is in charge of the whole process, from research to the preparation of interviews, through the selection of candidates.

With the external recruitment one can benefit from an appreciable gain of time, of advice during the recruitment and it is possible to recruit profiles in station. The firm quickly communicates a list of qualified candidates and the company has only to choose. When the desired profiles do not show up on job sites, the firm can operate other levers, such as Executive search. Indeed, this technique allows recruiters to find candidates who are not looking for work. That’s a big advantage, because employers are not allowed to poach people that way.

Vauban Executive Search, real estate and construction firm

The recruitment for a building design office is part of the services offered by Vauban Executive Search firm whose activities are focused on real estate and construction.

Our approach favors the knowledge of the stakeholders to ensure a good integration of the candidate within the company. Thus, we always start with a study of your structure, the culture of your company and its environment. We then draw the profile of the right candidate.

Our firm schedules the tests, evaluates the candidates and makes the selection according to the criteria selected for the position to be filled. You make the final selection by choosing from the most interesting candidates presented in the interview. We take care of checking the professional references of these candidates with their consent. During the hiring, we assist the new employee to negotiate his conditions and to complete his integration.

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